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Septimatech Features Packaging Machine and Line Changeover Performance Solutions at PACK EXPO International Chicago, Booth #N-5936


  • Line changeovers reduced from hours to minutes
  • Accurate, repeatable setup and changes to precise tolerances improve performance, container handling, and productivity
  • See Septimatech at PACK EXPO International, November 6-9, Booth N-5936


Waterloo, ON – Packaging machine and line changeover is usually viewed as lost time and productivity. Septimatech is changing that by helping packaging operations improve performance and productivity through more efficient, repeatable changeovers, precise container handling and increased flexibility.


At PACK EXPO International, November 6-9 in Chicago, Septimatech is featuring multiple packaging changeover and container handling solutions, including its Unison G2 high performance adjustable guide rail system, Multi-Lane Adjustment System, Rapid eXchange No Tool (RXNT) change parts, Custom Container Handling and OEM Replacement Change Parts, Smart Storage Systems, and Feed Screws and Drives.


Unison G2 is the second generation of Septimatech’s modular Unison Guide Rail System which delivers industry-leading changeover time, adjustment accuracy, and container control. The Unison system allows customers to precisely change up to 80 feet (24m) of guide rail, including any configuration of straight, curves, corners, and crossovers from a single adjustment location. Accurate, repeatable adjustments are accomplished without pneumatics or tools—manually or automatically through a PLC. Corners, curves, and crossovers maintain true curve and width dimensions without further individual adjustment. Operator variations are eliminated through precise dial settings for different containers and high precision rack and pinion adjusters. Line changes which typically take hours are reduced to minutes.


Septimatech’s Multi-Lane Adjustment System allows one person to rapidly and simultaneously set up multiple packaging lanes without changing parts or using spacers and heavy lifting equipment. Up to 30 ft. (9m) of straight lanes can be adjusted from a single location in less than five minutes. Adjustments are accurate and repeatable with precise tolerances to improve container handling. Typically, a similar section would take two people 35-50 minutes to changeover. The Multi-Lane Adjustment System is suitable for any configuration or packaging application where multiple lanes are required.


Septimatech’s RXNT Rapid eXchange No Tool Change Parts allow quick, efficient repeatable changeover of precisely engineered parts on rotary machines. The RXNT system employs one-time installation of Nucleus components and Satellite parts designed for specific containers that quickly and easily lock into place without using tools. CNC routed Satellite parts provide pocket-to-pocket consistency for precise container handling.


Septimatech manufactures numerous innovative Custom Container Handling and OEM Replacement Change Parts that improve changeover and operating performance of many machines, including cappers, fillers, labelers, rinsers/washers, among others. Many leading consumer and industrial goods companies depend on Septimatech change parts to improve machine flexibility and productivity.


Septimatech’s Smart Storage Systems provide maximum storage space and organization for change parts in a lightweight, transportable cart. Smart Storage Systems make change parts easy to identify, organize, clean, protect from loss or damage, and are easy to transport around packaging line as needed.


Septimatech’s Feed Screw Drive Systems are easily adaptable to any packaging machinery or used as a stand-alone unit. Septimatech Feed Screw Drive Systems provide maximum performance for simple and complex applications and containers of any shape. Changeovers are repeatable, quick and easy for reliable performance and optimal packaging line efficiency. A range of Septimatech Feed Screws will also be on exhibit.


“We help our customers overcome challenges that limit their productivity and changeover efficiency,” said Sharron Gilbert, Septimatech President and CEO. “Our main goals are to simplify changeovers and maximize our customers’ current line and machine performance and flexibility for future container changes.”


About Septimatech Group Inc.

Septimatech is a leading worldwide provider of packaging machine and line changeover productivity solutions. Our precision-engineered solutions simplify operations, improve efficiency, and assure rapid, accurate, repeatable changeovers and adjustments. Many of the world’s leading consumer and industrial goods manufacturers depend on Septimatech to increase uptime, improve performance and flexibility, and overcome unique production challenges. Our products include rapid change, high performance guide rail systems, change parts, integrated line adjustment solutions, feed screw drive systems, feed screws, label handling, and lean storage concepts. Septimatech is committed to helping our customers maximize their line’s potential and achieve reliable performance in every change.  Septimatech is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario. 

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Join us at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, Booth #C-3510!


Septimatech Features New Packaging Line Changeover and Productivity Solutions at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, Booth #C-3510 

Septimatech will be exhibiting once again at PMMI’s Pack Expo Las Vegas tradeshow this year. Be sure to visit us at booth C-3510 while at the show! At this year’s show, we are excited to feature the following innovations: 

  • NEW Unison G2 
  • NEW Multi-Lane Adjustment (MLA) System 
  • Rapid eXchange No Tools (RXNT) Change Parts  
  • Feed Screws and Feed Screw Drive Systems 

Septimatech delivers repeatable productivity improvements for packaging lines and machines worldwide by manufacturing innovative, precision engineered solutions that provide repeatable, accurate adjustment for intuitive setup, operation, and maintenance. Our intelligent, high quality, easy-to-use solutions enable our customers to have rapid, tool-less changeovers, consistent container control, and increased flexibility throughout their packaging process. Other advantages include: 

  • Fast, easy, reliable, repeatable and accurate changeovers  
  • Reduce set-up time and tweaking  
  • Reduce downtime, decrease inventory and get products to market quicker 
  • Create line flexibility to handle and control a large range of containers shapes and sizes 
  • Increase packaging line performance by eliminating bottle jams, shingling containers, or scuffing 
  • Improve safety through simpler set-up and light weight parts 

Septimatech and our team help customers to improve and redefine their changeover experience, achieve optimum results from line and machinery, and receive excellent return on investment. We are committed to our customers’ success with quality solutions and world class, knowledgable sales, service, engineering and support. Moreover, we promise to provide customer service excellence that is passionate about supporting our customers every step of the way. This commitment to our customers is what sets Septimatech apart from our competition.  


Unison G2 –  

The second generation Unison G2 guide rail adjustment system provides the same innovative features as the original Unison, with additional benefits including: 

  • Small, clean design footprint profile takes up less space on conveyor 
  • Light weight, robust modular construction 
  • Conveying flexibility to adapt to future container additions varying in height, width or geometric shape 
  • Accurate, reliable, repeatable change over set up  
  • Fast, easy, accurate system installation reduces line down time 
  • Greater versatility in system to add, remove or change guide rail configuration to suit line changes  
  • In event of production damage, parts maintenance items can be easily replaced or interchanged 


Multi-Lane Adjustment (MLA) System –  

Our latest innovation, the MLA system, provides rapid adjustment of multiple lanes for feeding containers into case packers or other machinery applications having multiple lanes. Our MLA will allow you to reduce changeover downtime, increase efficiency, and improve container handling on any configuration where multiple lanes are required start to finish – including straight sections, corners, and funnels. 

  • Repeatable and accurate (tolerance ±1mm) changeovers 
  • Easily adaptable to existing equipment or new equipment 
  • Reduce inventory storage space  - no longer need to store change parts & lane spacers 
  • Eliminates health and safety risks – no change out of parts, eliminates cranes and heavy lifting equipment, no heavy lifting, no ergonomic concerns, no tools required during changeover 
  • Better container control system can be easily tweaked in the event of variances in container size 
  • New containers can be set-up without templates, eliminate use of lane spacers  
  • Corners can be adjusted as tight as 24 inch (610 mm) radius 


RXNT Change parts –  

Septimatech’s Rapid eXchange No Tools (RXNT) Change Parts system is based upon the one-time installation of Nucleus components mounted on any rotary machine. Satellite changeover parts, customized to the specific container geometry, are changed quickly and efficiently to maximize line performance…without tools! Our RXNT parts are 3D designed and CNC-routed to guarantee pocket-to-pocket consistency. With rugged construction suitable for any packaging environment, Septimatech’s RXNT Change Parts are guaranteed to optimize your changeover process and add value to your bottom line. 

  • Enhance product handling and control 
  • Simplify changeovers, line management and operations 
  • Safe, ergonomic, and accessible adjustments 
  • Fantastic workmanship, dependable quality every time 
  • Guaranteed satisfaction, delivery, and service 
Feed screws and feed screw drive system –  

Septimatech Feed Screw applications to group, turn, combine, dwell, tilt, separate, or time containers are available in RXNT and OEM Standard. Our custom design and manufacture of Feed Screws and Feed Screw Drive Systems ensure precise pockets to accurately fit the container profile – whether it is round, square, oval, or something in-between – for consistent container handling control. Additional benefits include: 

  • Machine-to-machine synchronization 
  • Container separation and timing, tilting for angle necks, dwell applications, grouping, turning, dividing, and combining 
  • Feed screw drive systems available for integration to existing machines or stand-alone units 


Will you please visit Septimatech’s booth #C-3510 at this year’s show?  

T: (519)-746-7463 E: 

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