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Unison® Automation

Automated Unison® Guide Rail Systems increase efficiency in changeovers and provide transparency of Overall Equipment Efficiency at your fingertips.

Unison® automation is the ultimate guide rail adjustment feature, freeing up operators and their time for other production areas.  In a time-sensitive world Customers routinely stress the need for greater line efficiency, reduced changeover time, less downtime, elimination of operator error in setup, and systems that will reduce operator interference to adjust while running production. 


This Human-Machine Interface presents instant information to an operator about the state of their

packaging line during setup and run time.  The Unison® Automation System is easy to program when

introducing new containers and removing containers is no longer required.  Automation systems can be

stand-alone or directly interfaced into existing electrical control panels. 


  • System changes over in seconds
  • Automation system can adapt and retrofit to existing Unison® mechanical systems
  • Simply mounts onto Unison adjuster
  • System operates in a wash-down environment NEMA 4X or IP65
  • System can operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for 52 weeks
  • Torque of 3 Nm minimum to 6Nm for your specific application.  Speeds of 50 RPM or less
  • Automation requirements accommodate any specific requirements for sensing, homing, power down/up, production interferences
  • CE compliant